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Vehicle Maintenance Management

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Vehicle Maintenance Management

What is it?

Maintenance management is proactive vehicle fleet management provided by experienced industry professionals. Maintenance management includes:
  • Safety
  • Control
  • Reporting
  • Cost Containment
  • Legal Requirements

Why is it important?

  • Most organizations claim to have a preventive maintenance program for their vehicles (Few are followed)
  • Most organizations claim to know what their repair costs are on their vehicles. (Few do)
  • Vehicle breakdowns reduce productivity and are expensive. (Missed appointments, towing charges and emergency repairs are much more costly than preventive maintenance).
  • Preventive maintenance can reduce vehicle expenses drastically.
Most major repair costs can be traced back to neglected preventive maintenance.

Who manages your fleet?

On-Staff Mechanic

- They are great at turning wrenches, but usually struggle with paperwork, managing costs and following a consistent PM schedule.

Local Garage / Dealership

- They have a vested interest in charging you MORE, not less on your vehicle maintenance needs. Often they will only fix what you tell them and don't inspect for other issues every time they see the vehicle. The mechanics don't get to know your vehicle because you rarely get the same mechanic at large shops or dealers.

Mobile Service Company

- Worse than a local garage or dealership these services have total control over your fleet. Their costs are often much higher than what you can get elsewhere and if they don't have the right tool or part may improvise and perform and inferior repair job. In many cases they will replace parts prematurely just to justify making the trip to your location.

Operations Manager / Administrative Staff

- In most cases they have too many other duties and responsibilities to consistently manage maintenance programs. Maintenance either gets ignored or else is reduced to an issue to be dealt with as needed when a vehicle breaks down. Even if the time and desire to handle the fleet is present, often the level of expertise and continually expanding knowledge base needed to professionally manage a fleet is an issue.

Lead Driver

- They may have maintenance experience, but cannot effectively manage a fleet by occasionally checking behind other drivers. There knowledge may be out of date or based on personal experience rather than from a systematic, professional education in maintenance management.

Each Vehicle Driver

- A pre-trip inspection is NOT a maintenance program even when it is done faithfully every time the driver takes a vehicle out. And this rarely happens.

Let us manage your fleet so you and your staff can focus on your primary responsibilities....



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