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Fleet Care Program

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Fleet Care  Program


The Fleet Care program is a hands-on, proactive, and inexpensive solution to your maintenance management needs. Unlike most solutions we don't do the repairs ourselves and don't have affiliations with any garages to ensure we are providing you with the lowest cost and most effective maintenance program possible.

The program consists of monthly inspections, preventive maintenance schedules, reports and invoice analysis. These are professionally administered and updated to reflect changes in the industry, your vehicles and your needs as an organization.

Monthly On-Site Fleet Review

We inspect your fleet each month on-site at your location or locations at a time convenient for you. Even if that means early morning or late afternoon/evening we work around your operations. no image available

We check for:

  • Immediate safety and maintenance issues
  • Premature parts failure
  • Excessive wear
  • Poor quality work
  • Whether work was actually performed as stated by the mechanic or shop
  • Warranty and recall issues
  • Trends
  • Driver issues
We look at things at a different level than your drivers. Many times we find things mechanics and dealers have missed. A lot can change in a month on a company vehicle especially if it is driven by various drivers. You can't maintain a company vehicle the same way as a personal vehicle. Properly maintained vehicles can handle extreme usage and provide value for many years.

PM Schedules

Rather than depending on coupon books, generic schedules or random guesses we tailor our schedules to the needs and usage of your fleet. Our schedules are dynamic and only show you what you need to know for the current month so you don't waste time having to match up mileage parameters and compare them to each vehicle.

Our database compares to:

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  • Manufacturers recommendation
  • Experience with similar vehicles
  • Experience with usage in your industry
  • History of your fleet
  • Specific vehicle history
Then combines the information with our inspection to develop the monthly PM schedules.


Many organizations (non-profits in particular) constantly battle with budget and cost issues. Our program is designed to allow for times when there isn't enough money to get all the work done at once. We break our advice down into 4 categories (immediate safety concerns, work due, overdue and severely overdue). This allows our clients to decide what work is most important for the coming month.

We will also advise clients if they are unsure of what is most critical. In most cases long term savings and vehicle life cycle will be improved by strictly following the PM Schedules, but we understand that in the real world this is not always possible. Using pre-set mileage parameters does not allow for as in depth prioritization as the Fleet Care program.

History Reports

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Cost Summary

Listed by type of service, vehicle and overall fleet Summarized by total cost and cost per mile Can be run for any date range Individual cost reports can be run for more in depth analysis

Mileage Summary

Proof of a PM program for DOT and accident liability Quick reference for last services performed On-staff mechanic can use for tracking

Fleet Care database red flags

  • Overcharges
  • Duplicate work
  • Frequent parts replacement

Benefits of Records

  • Required by DOT for many organizations
  • Better decision making
  • Higher resale value
  • More accurate usage and replacement decisions
  • Budgeting

Invoice Analysis

As part of the program we take a copy of all your repair invoices. The invoices are checked for accuracy and any discrepancies are brought to the clients attention. Some clients want to deal with the maintenance facility on their own and others want Fleet Care to act on their behalf to resolve any issues. Either way there is no additional charge.

Typical Issues we find

  • Adding errors
  • Overcharges
  • Unneeded parts or repairs
  • Paid warranty work
  • Repetitive repairs
  • Poor quality work
  • Invoice doesn't match work performed
In most cases we are able to get money back for the client....we keep none of what we get back....it all goes back to YOUR bottom line!!!!



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